We specialize in Designing State of the Art Turnkey solutions with National and International Footprints

As a Vodacom Business Partner and ISP, we offer the following services

Virtual Hosting,Web Hosting,Hosting Office and PBX services,Hosted Call Centres,Security,APN's,Video Collaboration,VOIP,Hosted CRM,Network and Reporting,Managed Services,CPE Equipment.

With Connectivity we offer the following services

Business ADSL,Uncapped Bandwidth,Metro E,Fiber,WIMAX and Microwave with carrier Quality 25Mbps and 100Mbps throughputs with distances upto 120KM.

With ABS compact we offer a Total office in a Box Solution at cost effective prices.

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Mobile phones and Data Packages

    Any Mobile phones,Data packages,Modems,Pay&Go,contracts or Upgrades


Hosted VOIP service? Activation immediately

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Our turnkey products and service offerings are unique and specifically designed for you to save on the ultimate costs in the ICT and Telecommunication market.

With our systems and team knowledge we drive communication costs to a guaranteed 50% saving - Contact us today!!!

If you were looking for a one stop integrated service provider that specializes in Hosted IP PBX's, VoIP, Billing engines , convergence,fax2mail,Least Cost routing,Asset management Invoice management,Call management and many more,Contact our marketing devision

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We assist various SMME businesses to succeed.

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Other Offerings

AritechBiz is a leading provider of communication services and is commited to BBBEE and transformation with key areas of equity ownership, management, employment equity, skills development, procurement enterprise development and corporate social investment.

Aritech provides a full spectrum of managed services for you to choose from-issuance of focused reports and bill-back, keeping updated user/device inventory database, invoice reconciliation against service or any agreements and actual usage.

The unique solution collects mobile usage data from enterprises devices

With the flexibility to provide billing engines to Telco service providers, therefore with the knowledge of all telecommunication fields our system can decipher the most cryptic agreements and invoices.

Telecommunications expenses are large and growing,Telecom costs are difficult to track because they include tangible assets with decentralised inventory spread over multiple locations and intangible services,wireless expenditures are nearly invisible due to the lack of formal policies and controls for procuring,tracking,and managing utilization of devices and plans,billing is complex with time and volume sensitive line items,service providers have different invoices.

Analysts estimate that a comprehensive Telecom Expense Management solution can save THOUSANDS of your annual spend.


Your IT and Telecom individuals are usually under staffed and focused on resolving daily operational issues such as Move/Add/Change (MAC),handling communication interferences and users training and support.

On site call accounting systems often fail to realize their potential mainly because no one has time to manage them.

Hosted PBX offering 

This product is designed into phases for businesses looking to take the step forward into convergence with a more efficient, cost effective approach to provide their customers with a higher level of service.Collaboration and efficiencies such as unified messaging, Microsoft outlook integration, voicemail and fax to e-mail are options for a true convergence solutions.

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