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The Aritechbiz range of products are worldwide innovative solutions with the best support and service.

AritechBiz Group of companies Are specializing in the following sectors:


The goal of the initiative is to help clients deal with the challenges and opportunities posed by environmental issues as a business imperative and to minimise disruptions due to continuous and often unpredictable breaks in power supply to homes and businesses.

Ranges starts from a portable unit that plugs into the power wall  socket and charges the batteries when there is power supply. When load shedding is experienced, the unit is “switched on” manually by pressing a button to enable the home or business owner the ability to power a few lights laptop, cell phone charger TV etc. for 3 hours and is by far the most popular.

In this range we also offer larger (wattage) units that connect to a consumer’s distribution board. The grid electricity stream powers the batteries, and once load shedding is experienced, it automatically switch over to battery power that supplies energy to the selected streams on the distribution box

Bi-Directional Grid Tied Solution:

What makes this design so popular, is the automated “switch over” for both solar and grid energy. The home or business is powered through solar energy and should the sunlight hours not be sufficient, the intelligence in the unit allows it to automatically switch back to grid power to ensure the batteries are optimally charged at all times. Once the batteries are fully charged again, the system automatically switches back to solar energy.

Off The Grid Solar Solution:

This unit do not require any power supply and is charged through solar panels only. It is ideal for areas where there is currently no power (like the informal settlements or the outdoors) It charges during sunlight hours and generate the required power supply needed


Aritech is a service provider and sole distributor ,of products offered to the Information and Communication Technology Industry.This is done through our own fiber to wireless, Data and Voice network, this also includes other services within the hosted datecentre environment.

We also partnered with Vodacom and Neotel to provide other services like fiber

Since 1984 one of our solutions have been used by thousands of enterprises and organizations across the globe to ensure that their telecommunication services are acquired, provisioned, and invoiced correctly. In addition the suite has provided customers with a unified view of telecommunication usage,proactive budget control,personal call management,employee cost awareness and more.

Our business is to enable enterprises to gain and control of strategic assets that drive key business processes and crucial competitive advantages.

The Aritechbiz ,consulting and managed services solution,including integrated invoice,asset,usage management and business analytics tools, provide professionals at every level of the organization with rapid access to concise actionable data.The Aritechbiz solutions for Information and telecommunication service providers are used worldwide by wireless and wireline service providers for interconnect billing,partner revenue management and for charging and invoicing their customers.Our preconfigured solution support emerging carriers of focused solutions i.e IPTV,VoIP,WiMax,MVNO to rapidly install a full featured and scalable solution.

AritechBiz is not supplier dependant for its business operations but has over the years established strong relationships with 1st Tear service providers.AritechBiz's commitment is to provide our customers with the best and most important tools available today at affordable prices in the market and to delight our customers with exceptional service at all times.AritechBiz also uses a mixture of own equity and internal resources to fund some projects where the risk is acceptable.

AritechBiz's thorough understanding of the complexity of the Mobile ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and managed services (TEM) environment has lead to the partnership with various SMME companies to become a fully fledged provider of telecommunication solutions worldwide.AritechBiz has also entered into strategic partnerships with a variety of partners to be able to provide its customers with the full spectrum of converged technology solutions.This incorporates voice (inclusive of unified communication technologies),data and video onto one single network.